IV Check For Not Renamed & Not Powered-UP Pokemon

Upload one Pokemon list/single screenshot as shown below.
Pokemon Go List Screen Shot SamplePokemon Go Individual Screen Shot Sample

How to use this page:
1. First, you simply take a screenshot of a single pokemon or a list of pokemon as show above and make sure the pokemon name is not renamed and all pokemon are freshly caught/hatched. We assume you only change pokemon name and power up pokemon after you assess their IVs.
2. Second, you upload the picture through clicking 'Select a Pokemon List Image' button and wait for the system finishs fetching the pokemon name, CP, and HP & stardust if it is a single pokemon image. click the 'Bulk IV Guess' button to get the results.
3. Pokemon IVs will be listed as IV%,attack/defense/stamina/,HP,Stardust,and Pokemon level ranked from best possible IVs to least. Only the best possible IV%s for each Stardust/level up to 4 are listed. only 80% or above will be listed.
4. If you want to find out the exact IV for a pokemon you are interested, you first compare the stardust show on the IVs list webpage with the actual stardust of this pokemon. If the actual stardust is larger than the one shown with the IV%, the IV% is not for this pokemon. If your pokemon's actual stardust is the same as the listed one, please click the 'more IVs' and expand the HP and IV details. If the actul HP is not in the list, your pokemon IV is not listed. If both stardust and HP match, please do the appraisal and find the exact IV for your pokemon.